ATSCU are intended for work in structure of devices of automatic transfer switch (ATS) in the electrical networks.
    Provide monitoring the status of the inputs, control contactors, automatic circuit-breakers with a motor-driven, with the section switches and indication of the status of the inputs and outputs.
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  • Digital Indicators

    Designed to measure the value of the existing high-voltage electrical AC circuits, when applying for measuring input voltage from the measurement of high voltage transformer voltage. Read More
  • Time Relays

    Time Relays is intended for control of electric devices and allows you to automatically turn on and off load at the right time, once every 24 hours Read More
  • Corridor Switches

    Light switch (flight switch) is used to control the lighting of floor corridors, staircases, playgrounds before dustbin valves, transitions, etc. Allows you to enable and automatically after a specified period of time, switch off the lighting. Read More
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